Tuesday, 6 November 2007

The LDS Church is a business - List of ventures

It might come as a surprise to some that the LDS Church has a high stake invested in many different business ventures. Here's a comprehensive list of the businesses the LDS Church Corporation owns:

Deseret Management Corporation - http://www.deseretmanagement.com/
Beneficial Financial Group - http://www.beneficialfinancialgroup.com/
Bonneville International - http://www.bonnint.com/
Bonneville Communications - http://www.bonneville.com/
Bonneville Interactive Services Bonneville Satellite - http://www.bonnevillesatellite.com/
35 Radio Stations 1 Television Station (KSL)
Deseret Book - http://deseretbook.com/
Excel Entertainment - http://www.xelent.com/
Deseret Morning News - http://deseretnews.com/dn
Hawaii Reserves - http://www.hawaiireserves.com/
Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) - http://www.polynesia.com/
http://www.polynesia.co.jp/ La'ie Shopping Center La'ie Park La'ie Cemetary Hukilau Beach Park La'ie Water Company La'ie Treatment Works (sewer) Mstar.net - http://www.mstar.net/preportal/index.asp
Temple Square Hospitality - http://www.htsc.net/ and http://www.hoteltsc.com/
Weddings (JSMB and Lion House) The Inn at Temple Square - http://www.diningattemplesquare.com/
Lion House Pantry - http://www.diningattemplesquare.com/
The Roof Restaurant - http://www.diningattemplesquare.com/
The Garden Restaurant - http://www.diningattemplesquare.com/
Passages Restaurant - http://www.diningattemplesquare.com/
Zions Securities Corporation - http://www.zsc.com/
Farm Management Corporation (commericial farms and agricultural properties) Deseret Land and Livestock 200,000 acres of land in Rich, Morgan and Weber counties (Utah) Sun Ranch (Martin's Cove) Deseret Ranches of Florida (Orlando) (largest ranch in Florida) Deseret Farms of California Rolling Hills (Idaho) West Hills Orchards (Elberta, Utah) Cactus Lane Ranch (Arizona) (more) Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (CPB) Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Deseret Trust Company LDS Family Services Property Reserves Inc.
(PRI) Ensign Peak Advisors - http://www.imno.org/articles.asp?qid=123
Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators (DMBA) - http://www.dmba.com/
Brigham Young University (BYU) - http://home.byu.edu/webapp/home/index.jsp
BYU - Idaho - http://www.byui.edu/
BYU - Hawaii - http://www.byuh.edu/index.jsp
LDS Business College - http://www.ldsbc.edu/
Deseret Trust is a primary branch in the business of accepting real estate as a contribution to the church. Here's their website for more information: http://www.lds.org/deserettrust/realestate.html

Edited November 2nd, 2010 to add the following:

So what's the big deal with a church owning so many businesses? Well, corporatism has underminded and subverted the Church of Jesus Christ! How so? I leave that to blogger Alan Rock Waterman who reviews the issues following the release of a new Book, "The Book of Mammon: A Book About A Book About The Corporation That Owns The Mormons."

Wait till you read the following gem:


of the

According to Alan Rock Waterman in his blogpost, under the corporation sole, the head could tell the feet to go take a hike. The president of the church could do whatever the hell he wanted with the member's money without asking permission from the members whatsoever. It's spelled out right there in the charter. The president of the corporation needs no authorization from any mere member of the Lord's church. No show of hands, no vote, no “all in favor please manifest.” Like the Pope, his power is absolute. He is the Sole Brother.

Also written into the charter of the Corporation of the President as amended was how the line of succession was to operate within the Church. In order for there to be no question as to who held the purse strings following the death of the president (the “Sole” in a ”Sole Corporation”), the Senior Apostle automatically becomes the next president of the Corporation.

You thought somehow God maneuvered certain chosen men into these callings over the years so that they would one day be at the head of the line at the exact moment when God was ready to call them as the next prophet? You are so naïve.


Anonymous said...

The LDS "Church" ... O-M-G ... whatta bunch of evil, Satan-loving greed mongers.

Sue said...

Let me get this straight...because the LDS Church started a college and has some other church focused businesses makes it evil? Did you take a moment to think about the fact that the church provides hundres of thousands of people world wide with humanitarian aid and other service? That it does a lot of good in this world? Take a momen to figure out how that is possible without any source of revenue? Also consider that any church calling no matter how big or small is done voluntarily. Absolutely no wages paid to members of the church, it is all done for what they believe in. I can't for the life of me think of what makes the Church "Satan loving greed mongers" because they have a little prosperity. Does that make Bill Gates a "Greed Monger"? Does that make any person with a business venture "Satan Loving"? Or are you making your judgements based on a previously biased opinion? Please have a little consideration in your ignorant judgements before you post them.

Xiao said...

well, please have a little consideration before you voice your ignorant comment too. Mormons are haters and bigots. They discriminate against LGBT people, try to limit their rights, in fact deprived their rights. Well, if their belief had anything to do with love for humanity, then I guess they failed to do it, because they hate people who are different.

Scott said...

Yea, never mind that the bible taught for thousands of years against homosexuality, and condemned the practice, not the people. We can condemn the sin and not the sinner, you apparently can't have your opinion poised against another without also hating them.

Isabel said...

To set the record straight, the Mormon Church does not hate anyone. In fact, the church cares more for people of such stances than anyone because we simply desire the welfare of their souls. It is the doctrine of GOD not the doctrine of man that condemns such a lifestyle. Such a change in will to desire God's plan will bring much peace, happiness and love into anyone's life, so I invite you to learn more about how it can benefit you. Also, the Church in having businesses, is providing jobs for many people, offering them intrinsic and temporal welfare. These things are good my friend, not evil. Thanks.

kuzeki said...

well in highschool i was jumped by a the mormon kids for being assumed to be gay. is this loving and caring? how would getting kicked in the face and mangled be showing in any way that my soul would be in better welfare? i mean im not even gay, just slightly more feminine than most other guys. I mean i dont know what mormons teach their children in the church, but i would imagine that it would take some kind of evil for someone to do that to another person...but im just saying, correct me if im wrong

Rich said...

I'm sorry for this injustice that was done to you, Kuzeki. It truly is a tradgedy that any human being would treat another in such a terrible way. But it's not fair to blame an entire religion for the actions of a few individuals. I was raised in the Mormon church and can say that its' teachings are very much on the basis of "love the sinner, hate the sin." The Mormon church does not ever promote violence towards those with different beliefs, but sometimes people stray from their upbriging. After all, Hitler was raised a Catholic, and I hardly believe that his actions in life were condoned by the Catholic church.

Jean said...

The fact that the Church owns a lot of businesses does not mean that it is evil. You should find out where they come from, when they left the east under the pressure of being exterminated and move to the west and establish themselves. Many died but they persevere with faith and were given a promised land to at least rest from mobs and hating-government officials. They have been blessed and they use all the talents which the Lord has given them to bless the whole earth... Love and respect for Mormons. Keep doing what you do and the Lord will keep blessing and favoring you.

robmuh said...

Why doesn't the 'one and only true church of God on the Earth' own even one homeless shelter? Why does the 'Church of Jesus Christ' allow people to freeze to death in downtown Salt Lake rather than making their buildings open to programs like the wildly successful Room In The Inn? I know the Mormons broadcast (market) phenomenal numbers about their humanitarian aide, which is great. But it doesn't hold a candle to other organizations. Wouldn't two years of volunteer work and personal expense be better spent teaching the world's populations how to avoid disease, grow their own food, and bring themselves out of poverty? No, I'm sorry, teaching 'correct principles' and letting them pull themselves out of poverty is not enough. I bear my testimony that the church the Mormons claim is the ONLY true church of Christ on the earth is really but one that Christ himself would 'turn over the tables' of. There are many wonderful people in the Mormon church, well-meaning, and frankly simply completely and totally blinded by their full indoctrination. They aren't the only ones. We tend to shape our own reality, we all do. I want to thank the many caring people who have helped me see that it is ok to not be Mormon, in fact, it is very ok. It is not Satan leading me subtly astray, it is the rational part of my brain balancing with the emotional. And thank God for it.